Buy “The Kitchen Bible: Designing the Perfect Culinary Space”

Don't Design Your Kitchen Without It Don't Start A Kitchen
Renovation Without This Book
Read This Before You
Call the Contractor!
By M. Rosenberg
"Beautifully written, exquisite photos and thoughtful, practical guidance to the terrifying task of renovating a kitchen. Absolutely an essential tool."
By C. Juestel
"A beautifully written and well illustrated bible for anyone thinking about taking on a kitchen remodel. Don't start a new kitchen without it! It is also the perfect gift for someone dreaming or thinking of renovating their kitchen."
By E. Harrison
"In clear simple prose and with smashing photographs, "The Kitchen Bible" lays out what you need to know. The authors explain style, materials and design and how they all work together with the rest of the house. That's called 'flow.'"


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