Homeowners Renovate to Stay in Place

DSCN1514Longing for a spa experience in their home, these long-time homeowners upgraded to a large, frameless glass shower and a toilet with a bidet accessory. Built in 1959, this close-in Bethesda home had tiny bathrooms (4' x 7' master, 5' x 7' hall) that were woefully outdated. Switching the position of the shower and vanity and stealing just 20" from the master bedroom's floorspace gave them everything on their wishlist.  Thrilled with their new bathrooms, they won't be moving anywhere soon. In the homeowners' words:

"When I decided to remodel our two bathrooms, I decided to take a look at Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath. That is when I first met Ms. Carolyn Thomas. Following her presentation on how they handle contracts, my wife and I decided to ask her to prepare a plan for Overalleach bathroom. The day Ms. Thomas came by to take measurements I watched her carefully. When she walked into the master bathroom, she made an interesting sound. It made me feel as if a surgeon was looking at a very, very sick patient. Those bathrooms were in bad shape. Throughout the duration for each job she was very hands on and her attention to details amazed me. Being an engineer, I understood and really appreciated her vision on the designs. She increased our master bathroom's size and just by adding about 20" to the floor size, which was all she had to work with, it made all the difference. I am extremely happy with the choice I made to hire JGKB and I highly recommend Ms. Thomas."

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