Our New Expanded Showroom

Our kitchen and bath design company was founded over 15 years ago in 1997.  Through the years, it has been updated here and there.  Recently, however, we have updated the entire showroom and have acquired additional space. We decided to make the new space more contemporary since most of the existing showroom is traditional and transitional. I'm sharing with you images from our new showroom.


6a011570b6aeb1970b019103efd9b1970cAfter having been in our location for over 12 years, we were delighted to be able to take over the corner space when that tenant moved out.  This space allowed us to have much more exposure because of the corner windows which are visible for traffic going north and south.  Décor was developing a new contemporary line, Zonavita, so, it only made sense for us dedicate this space to that line of cabinets.  This European style is about half the price of its competitors and, thankfully, is selling very well




Around the corner is our Miele refrigerator/freezer and full height wine cooler. Since Miele’s signature color is red, we made these two large pieces that same red.  We moved these fairly close to the window so that they would demand a lot of attention – and that they do!




We have put the Miele steam oven and speed oven display side by side and made this 2/3 high to get that European feel.  The top doors are in plexiglass in a white opaque finish set into an almost undetectable aluminum frame.  The rest of the cabinet is made from thermofoil. The bright orange is a show stopper and with the added color under the breakfast bar, it has a happy presence.



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