Initial consultation

Client meets with designer to get an idea of the scope of the project, to prepare an initial layout, and to estimate the cost of the job. At the end of the meeting, the client is presented with our retainer agreement.

Measurements are taken

  • Remodel – The designer and/or design associate will meet you at your home to take detailed measurements of the space.
  • New construction – The designer and/or design associate will contact your architect or contractor for dimensioned plans. Once the framing is up, the job site will be measured and drawings revised to the actual field dimensions.

Design meetings

Design meetings will take place with a designer and/or design associate in our showroom. This process may take 4-8 weeks depending on schedule availability and how quickly design decisions are reached. After each meeting, drawings are revised to reflect the decisions about your project.

Retainer agreement 

When the client decides to sign the retainer agreement and pay the required fee, the project will be officially underway.


Based on the architect’s plans and / or the actual measurements, our CAD specialists draft the space and the design process gets underway. These drawings will become more and more detailed as the meetings progress.

Cabinet contract

Once the design is agreed upon, a visit to the house with our recommended contractor or your general contractor is the next step.  Cabinets are priced along with a complete job estimate based on actual materials or with an allowance. The client signs a contract for cabinetry and pays the 50% cabinet deposit. The client receives a copy of the plans and the design associate processes the cabinet order. If you need a copy of the plans prior to placing your cabinet order, an additional deposit will be required.

Choosing appliances and other materials

After your cabinet order has been processed, we will help you select and confirm other materials, such as counter tops, tiles, lighting, hardware, plumbing supplies and flooring. We do not charge an additional fee or an hourly rate for this service, but if we spend time helping you to make your selections, we expect you to purchase them through us. We cannot be held responsible for any products that you purchase on your own, and it is essential that you inform us of any purchases you make that could affect the design of your kitchen.


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A Word From Jennifer

Creating atmospheres that reflect the way you live

wood bkgd_Jennifer

As a designer of clients’ spaces, I’ve always believed the best projects are conceived through collaboration. Ever since I began designing decades ago, I’ve made it my mission to listen to what my client wants rather than imposing my vision. I founded JGKB with that design spirit in mind and our kitchen and bath designers operate with that mindset.

In a very practical sense, this means designers bring their expertise to the table while clients bring their ideas and living spaces they want transformed. During what I call the “discovery phase,” clients tell us what they want to see in their new or redesigned kitchen or bath. As we listen to these ideas unfurl, we ask questions and begin drawing a plan. It’s like creating a painting, first you sketch, tweak the design, then you carefully paint in the colors, creating a masterpiece that reflects the client’s lifestyle.

Our focus at Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath is placed on our clients and transforming their unique spaces, not replicating cookie-cutter designs. Each project is exciting to us because each project is different.

The Kitchen Bible


Co-authored by Jennifer Gilmer, “The Kitchen Bible: Designing the Perfect Culinary Space” is the perfect book to get anyone started on designing their dream kitchen. With more than 50 JGKB kitchens, the book is full of inspirational photos and sage advice. To order your autographed copy, click here.

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